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Our mission

We are a group of educational trainers, who are enthusiastic about the human being and the world. We work creativly with joy and passion. We serve with our knowledge, experience, and skills to all involved in the ministry of teaching. 

We are inspired by the tradition of Jesuit education and the holistic view of personal development as well as by the integral (Ignatian) pedagogical paradigm. As a community of competent practitioners involved directly in school teaching we want to testify that freedom and authenticity, openess and capacity to read the signs of time come from deep reflection on once life. We believe that we can make difference in education not only by training teachers but also by advocating important issus on social and political forums.

Our programs are directed to families and schools who want to see their children and youth being competent and talented, conscient of they role in the society, critical and creative, generous and sensitive to the needs of others.



Our programs

We offer conferences, workshops and courses for teachers and school administrators. Majority of our activities are held in Warsaw, but our trainers work also in other localities in Poland and abroad. Some courses will be offered in our platform as distance-learning courses. We address them mainly to the participants of IJELP network and CELP network in Eastern European countries and Middle East.

Thanks to our Anonymous Donor from Austria and financial support of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops we are able to offer an international program for school headmasters (Christian Educational Leadership Program), project for teachers concerning refugee integration in the school community (Building Teachers Awareness toward the Migration Crisis and Refugee Integration), and a project promoting Catholic schools in Eastern Europe (Promotion of the Catholic Schools and Family Values in the Former Soviet Block Countries).

News headlines

The II Summer Session of CELP concluded


International course for 28 Catholic school leaders from Ukraine, Albania, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Syria and the Czech Republic ended yesterday in Warsaw Falenica.

Leadership skills by Maciej Wiśniewski


After yesterday's gala dinner we went back to work under Maciej Wiśniewski, who helped CELP participants to understand the dynamics of the leader's growth. He was referring to John Maxwell's ideas and his own experience in leadership and counseling.

On advocacy in education


On the penultimate day of the Christian Educational Leadership Program, Eric Bloemkolk from the Soft Tulip Foundation worked with participants on advocacy in education. During the gala dinner Mr. Bloemkolk has been awarded with a special statuette.

Plans for teachers training


On Wednesday, CELP participants were practicing how to collect data from lesson observation and familiarizing themselves with the practical aspects of organizing workshops for teachers.

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